A unique approach

Nonprofit Borrower Outreach

As part of its charitable mission, Polaris Counselors, Inc., a California nonprofit public benefit corporation (“Polaris”) has refined a compliant counseling outreach program to assist troubled borrowers to achieve meaningful success in resolving delinquent loans with their mortgage investors and servicers. In so doing, mortgage investors and servicers benefit from renewed and cooperative engagement with borrowers, many of whom have been hard to reach.

Polaris fulfills its mission by providing credit counseling and borrower outreach to distressed homeowners while acting as a mediator between borrowers and lenders.  We specialize in borrower outreach, coaching, training and monitoring the individual borrower results. We focus on presenting realistic, viable solutions to delinquent borrowers with the aim of keeping them in their homes under workable loan modifications. Polaris coaches work in tandem with for-profit investors, asset fund managers and servicers.

Often, Polaris is the first responder on the scene of the delinquent borrower.  Polaris will become the primary contact and because we are not debt servicers, nor do we seek payment, our ability to communicate with the reluctant borrower is enhanced.  Instead, we offer education and advocacy to the borrower regarding their options putting Polaris in the role of mediator between a borrower seeking a modification and a lender willing to provide one. 

Polaris will work with lenders, government agencies, financial advisors and other professionals in the field in an effort to approach the borrower’s situation as wholly as possible and find all possible alternatives. 


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